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    The bible experiment 2

  • What might happen?

    We asked that question when we started the original Bible Experiment, nearly a decade ago. Our little church spent a year working through the entire Bible together. It was everything a pastor could hope for, new ministries began, incredible leaders emerged, and together we grew. Of course since we are still breathing we should still be growing, so today we are asking a new question. What might happen if we were to work through the Bible together again…more slowly this time?


    The Bible Experiment 2.0 has begun!


    Over the next couple years we will be working through the Hebrew and Christian scriptures together. You are invited to join us. Before you do consider taking a minute and look at our Info tab above. You'll find our Vision for The Bible Experiment 2, FAQs, and more. When you're ready, and at your pace, use the links both above and below to jump in and get started.

  • How Does it Work?

    Engage at whatever level works for you

    It's in the info section above or you can click the pic above. Start reading, without getting down on yourself if you fall behind.

    On most weekdays we will post a few conversational questions and promps to get us thinking and chatting together as we read.

    You're always invited to our live services at Story Point Church, come at 9:30AM for breakfast. The service starts at 10AM.

    Each Monday the previous day's sermon will be posted both on this home page (below) and on the blog post for that day.

    On wednesdays we gather via Zoom to wrestle together with the weeks scheduked reading. Send an email to request a link.

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  • Questions?

    Remember if you have any questions about this sermon or anything else you can go to the blog post (mondays) and share your thoughts.

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