Adam & Eve

Reading Genesis 2

Gen 2 is all we get when it comes to stories about humanity before sin shows up. We get this story of Adam & Eve which leads me to all sorts of questions. But, I'll just pop one out there to try and spark some conversations.

What do we know about Hebrew names? A name was a description, a definition, your name was your renown, your I like to imagine Adam looking for a relationship that completes him. He's "naming" the animals, but no suitable "helper" was found. I imagine his longing, I imagine his suprise when God reveals Eve.

What do we think of this "helper?"

Have you ever used or heard others use the idea of a "helper" to to imply Eve was somehow less important than Adam?

Maybe today's a good day for a word search? Check this out when it comes to "helper."

The word is used over and over in the scriptures and the "help" it describes is never secondary or weak. By far the word is used most often to refer to God himeself. As in "God is my helper in my time of need."

Eve isn't an after thought, she's a full partner capable of bringing God's strong help to everything she sets her hands to acomplish.