Job (sort of)

As part of our time in Job I am reading through an amazing book by a phenomenal author. 



Rohr presents me with fresh challenges and avenues of love as I fumble forward in the way of Christ. He may rub me the wrong way at times…but usually it feels like something I was desperate for but barely able to reach. 


In this morning’s time, I found the author talking about bridge builders. He points out several fun words.


Religion – re-connect, think…ligaments or connection

Symbolic – to bring together (he has a great part about diabolic meaning – tear apart)

Pontifex Maximus – Rohr is a catholic priest so he mentions the Pope and this traditional title. Turns out Pontifex means bridge builder, so the Pope should be the “greatest bridge builder”


Anyway, after a brief discussion, he talks about how it is every believers job to be a bridge builder. Amen. We connect people far from God but also far from one another. We put together joy and pain, jubilee and suffering, death and life. We (in Christ) attempt to be bridges, ligaments, connections that hold the body together.


He makes a last point, as he compares the suffering of Job with that of Jesus…and then our own.


The problem with bridges is they are walked on from every direction. A bridge agrees, submits,  to abuse as it serves.


Keep reading.