Bros for Life

Genesis 4

So, the Fall happened. I find that this is often presented as the lowest moment in human history. I guess that is apporopriate and yet...I think there's a load of grace to be seen right here in Gen 4 as well.

Didn't God promise that they'd die when they ate the fruit? Did they? Right, I get it, spiritual death. But, if the God that made you said, in the day you eat it you will die and then you wake up breathing, my guess is that feels like grace.

Not only do they not get immediate death, they actually get the opposite of death. God gives them!

Later, Cain one of the kids makes his devestating choice, he murders his brother Abel in cold blood. What will God do? Perhaps a pipe down the throat with some barbed wire inside. 1. Insert pipe. 2. Remove pipe, leaving barbed wire behind. 3. Say: You may not want to move around too much buddy! Be still and know that I am GOD! (Sorry, it was the worst torture I could imagine in this moment--turns out I'm a bit twisted.)

Nope. Not only does God not kill the killer, he protects him so others won't kill him!

Even in this story that we think of as the curse we can see the grace of God. Of course then we see the next generations taking advantage of that grace...poor confused Lemech.