2 Chronicles 33-34

Today's reading was loaded with change. Mannaseh was a terrible king, he even burned his own kids in "hell." Later he repents and his whole life seems uprooted. Everything is different. Go and look at the two Mannaseh's, the one in charge, in power, vs. the humbled, scarred nose Mannaseh.

His grandson Josiah shows up on the scene and becomes an agent for change. They find the word of God, which leads not only to personal change but communal change as well.

Change is scary because in general when things are changing drasticlly (for good or bad) I feel out of control. When things are changing and I choose to embrace that change, own that repentance, it is almost never a comfortable thing. It difficult to not be in charge, to not have at least a measure of future expectations, its different when all that falls away and you're invited to face real change. What will we do? How are we changing?