Confusing Costs

leviticus 9-10

In today's reading I spent time with God confused about the cost that Aaron's family paid. As I dwell in his love, his grace, his forgivenes I put the end of chapter 10 verse 3 in my mind:

Aaron remained silent.

It is difficult to hold both but God's grace is capable of being more than my confusion, more than my questions about stories like this, more than my own desires. I think Aaron learned that the hard way in this passage and frankly I don't like it. But, Aaron remains one who stands between death and life in spite of these unimaginable circustances. It drives me crazy, uneducated (bearly educated) men dealing with these things in the early days of the Exodus don't seem deserving of being consumed regardless of their actions to me. Praise God, I'm not in charge of those things.

Counting the cost is tricky. :)

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