Exodus 37-38

Last week I had a morning that I felt great about, I got up with the sun, checked my reading list, read my chapters and felt a sense of accomplishment all before 6AM. The next day I jumped on to stay on track. I checked my list, did my reading and realized that the day before I had jumped two days ahead! Turns out I had the details off...I read my reading list incorrectly and jumped ahead on accident. I guess sometimes the details matter.

Today's chapters were detail orientated, I honestly failed to pull out too many insights but considering I screwed up yesterday's post I thought I'd link to the day that I posted in error.

The best I can come up with this morning is, for many when we hit the detailed discriptions of the building of the tabernacle and all of it's surroundings we get bogged down. Not a huge surprise, and yet, last week my daugter and I arggued for 30 minutes about a digital document that was literally one millimeter off. For her, the details mattered, it was an application for a great job.

So...I'm trying to dwell there, we all know that details matter but why do they seem to matter less when they're someone elses details?

These details probably mattered a great deal to a people learning to work together (as free folks) for the first time. All of their details up this point were shaped by and dictated by their slave masters. A free people tend to embrace their own details, especially when finding new life, new freedom, and a new identity.

What do you think?

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