Explosive Events

Joshua 1-2

Keeping my thoughts on today's reading short. Why? Well, the truth is I would like to develop messages on both of these chapters in the coming weeks and I'd rather not steal from that thunder today. I will say this, big things, life changing things, great ups and great downs often come in an explosive manner. Something big is coming, and we can either be caught by surpise by it, or caught off guard by the force of that thing--even when we saw the event coming.

Take Joshua chapter one for example, we see the death of Moses...and Joshua taking over. Do we think God had to repeatedly tell him to be courageous because he was already feeling strong and courageous? Or, was Joshua reeling from the death of his mentor/leader/freind and feeling very mixed emotions?

Rahab and her countrymen had heard the rumors of this coming hoard but now the day is upon her. What will she do? Every choice is an explosive one.

The spies had to deal with the previous generations detonation avoidance plan for 40 years...now it's their big moment, boom.

Explosions are effective at blowing off loose material and getting at our core realities.

Explosions are beautiful and filled with light, think fireworks, supernovas...

Explosions are destructive and forcefull.

For the most part I see people (including myself) trying to manage, prepare for, and reduce these sorts of explosive moments in our lives. Makes sense, detenations of this sort are terrifying.


God brought them here...twice now.

God led them through the explosive plagues.

God led them to and through the parted sea.

God lead them through the painful desert existance.

God leads and directs in expolsive moments.

Sometimes I wonder how many God things we miss out on by making so many frantic attemts to avoid expolsive transformations.


What's blowing up in your life? I know it's scary, I know you probably tried to avoid it (I've been there.) But...can we see anything else there? Can we allow the Spirit to hover over that chaos?

Keep reading.