Today's reading in Leviticus 27 is loaded with discusions about various values of humans and animals when being redeemed. It's just one chapter today though and rather than try and wretle with it I wanted to take this opportunity to are doing great. Today marks the completion of the book of LEVITICUS! Listen the bible is, wonderful, it's the testimony of the saints that have gone before us and God's own revelation and yet; the bible is tough, confusing, frustrating, chauvanitic, boring, and strange.

Here's the thing: It won't get easier but it is worth it, and you've made it through the book of LEVITICUS! Leviticus has some of the more difficult bits...and they seem to be on every page.

But, you my friend have pushed through, and that's great!

I can't wait to dig into the book of Numbers with you.

Keep Reading.