Growing Pains

Genesis 11

Today in Gen 11 we get the brief story of the tower of Babel and then the line of Shem that leads to Abraham. We will talk about Abe a bit in the next post and perhaps at Story Point Community Church on Sunday July 24th at 10AM (17 S. Rainier.)

Let's toss out a few questions:

Why would God do this?

Should we compare God's commands at creation to the human plans at the tower?

See: Gen 1:28 God told them to be fruitful and multiply...going...expanding...speading out...seems to a huge part of God's plan. Eve and Adam and their kids after them blew it and we see the devestation of the flood of Noah. And then...we get this to Noah and his family: Gen 9:1.

It seems to me that the story of the tower is at least in part showing us that Noah's descendants like Adam's descendants still have a selfishness problem, a desire to sieze control, to make a name for...who?

They don't spread out, instead they settle. They attempt reach to the heavens in a self reliant way and the results are a breakdown of communication and confusion.

It's sad really, I wish God would make a way to make this right. A way to change this from confusion to order. A way that the multiplication and fruitfulness could be re-created. A way to invade human chaos and selfishness with God's loving expansion plan. A way that would allow communication that goes beyond the limits of language.

I guess we will have to wait...or...hey...hang on...what was it that happend at Pentacost?