Hard Hearts

Exodus 7-8

Today's reading introduced us to at Pharaoh's heart being hardenened and the devestating plagues that begin to hit Egypt. For now, I'll leave the staffs that turn to snakes, the bloody water, the frogs, the gnats, and the flies, for another day--maybe a Sunday--but I'd like to take a quick second to respond to Pharaoh's heart.

In our scriptures today we are told that God hardens Pharoah's heart, and yet...when I read the verses realted to this whole heart hardnening business it sure seems as if the choice is not forced upon Pharaoh.

Somtimes we see God hardening Pharaoh's heart.

Sometimes we are just told that Pharoah's heart was hardened with out any indication of who did the harddening.

Sometimes we are told that Pharoah hardened his own heart?

This morning my daughter was feeding my new twin grandbabies. I decided to perform an experiment. I said, "Hey, Lillian, sing: Row Row Row Your Boat to the babies."

She did.

Who made her do that?

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