Joe's Woes

Genesis 39-40

Wow this poor guy, huh? Today's reading covers the woes of Joe. Threatened with death by his own brothers, thrown in a empty cistern, sold as a slave...and then just when things start looking up at Potiphar's house he's falsly accused of *making sport with Potiphar's wife, thrown in prison, forgotten by those he'd blessed.

Tough stuff, weird stuff, and while Joe's experince is unique the feeling that every deck is stacked agaist us at times is not limited to Joseph. How do we feel about all of this?

Joeseph seems to be a dreamer? A mystic? What gives?

How do we feel about the cupbearer? The baker?


* Bonus Question: What does "make sport" mean? Where else is it used?

Hint: Remember this story?