Keep on keeping on

Numbers 15-16

Today we looked at Korah's rebellion, I won't coment here as I think we will use this story to develop Sunday's sermon. I will say this, if you have come this far, you are among the slowest most confusing bits in the Bible when it comes to our modern minds. Keep on keeping on! I get it, it's tough: Some dude was killed for gathering wood on the wrong day!

I guess God is God and he can do what he wants, but for many faithful thinking people stories like the wood hauling on the Sabbath that ends in death are devestatingly difficult and understandably so, imagine you've a child with a terrible disease, you pray for her healing, you spend time in the scriptures, you see stories like this one and you figure if God's justice is so firm and holy that he will kill a dude that carries wood on the Sabbath wouldn't that same justice be poured out in our lives, this disease has to be more unjust than some dude picking up sticks, right?

Do you have tough questions like these? We do too and while we can't promise answers we find it a joy to wrestle with our various responses and questions together. You're invited, tonight at 6pm we will be chatting more about the book of Numbers in our Zoom bible study. Text, or email me if you'd like the link. Keep reading.