Knives out

Genesis 21-22

Good Morning Friends!

I hope you're having a great day. Our reading today comes from Genesis 21-22. If you find yourself with questions about the text you're wrestling with today (or any day) post your thoughts questions or concerns in the comments each day. While we can't promises "answers" we do attempt to respond to every comment. Here's an example of what that might look like:

Hey, I did the reading in Gen 21 today and I wonder...what would have happened if Abraham and Sarah chose to love Hagar and Ishmael? What if they did the hard work of loving those that were at the heart of al this turmoil? Should Abe have done more to protect them, or should we just chalk this up as "the will of God?"


Hello, I'm reading Genesis 22 and it seems so strange. Doesn't God condemn this behavior? Why tempt Abe in this way? Is this all forshadowing? How much did Isaac know? How old was he? Why would he carry the would without a sacrfice? How strong would he need to be to carry that much wood? Was Isaac a willing participant, or a confused child?

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