Let's Get Weird

Genesis 41-43

These chapters on Joseph are strange to me. I find myself with all sorts of questions. First let me say dreams and their interpretations are a bit outside of my comfort zone. Of course I have room for God communicating to humans however he sees fit, and yet...this get so weird. It's one thing to say, "God gave me a dream and it's shaping my life this way."

It's an entirly different thing to say, "God told me to tell you what this dream means."

How do you wrestle with God using weird ways to speak into your life?

I also find Joe's interaction with his family to be strange. It sure seems to me that Joe was a grown man when he arrived in Egypt (Potiphar's wife seemed to agree) and yet when his brothers come he needs an interpreter? Doesn't he know thier language? Is it weird that there's no mention of his struggle with the Eygptian language when he arrives, but now he is struggling to understand his own people?

What do you think about today's text?

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