The Fall

Genesis 3

Gen 3! It's a pivitol chapter. That said, my schedule is tight this morning so I'll just toss out some conversation starters.

Why the tree?

Where was Adam when Eve ate the fruit?

Who does Adam blame?

Do you think we might run into theological trouble when we act as if humanity started here? We made a big deal about humanity being made with the image of God and when we were made, we were "good" like the rest of creation. When we act like we are "only human" and use that as an excuse to fall short I think we may be missing the point. Yes, we are "only human" but humans were made, created upright before a loving God. I wonder, is there any power that might restore that "goodnes" are we doomed to be miserable depraved sinners for the rest of our lives because of this Fall? Or, does the Bible say something about a recreation? A restoration? A renewal. If not: What are we being reborn into? Who can calm the chaos? Who did it in the beggining?

What do you think about all of this? The fall, the curses, the results? Our original state when compared to the Fall? Post here or text me any thoughts or questions. Btw, your posts will take a day or so to show up. We are approving all posts in an effort to minimize spam/junk/ Keep Reading!