What Now?

Exodus 17-18

In today's reading there's so much to see and so many questions to ask. Why do the people ask if the Lord is among them? Can't they see the pillar of fire/smoke? Were they not just set free through God's miraculous acts? Did they walk on dry ground or not? Perhaps that is proof that miracles never really convience folks to be faithful? A free people have to figure out what to do with their time and attitudes, free people are free to complain, to do less, to ignore things. On this day their are no slave drivers waking them up or forcing their choices. But making choices can be tricky. Freedom is great, but freedom is never really easy.

Suddenly they have to deal with things like war, deligation, disagreements, hunger, and thirst. During this time for the first time they were dealing with everything the slave drivers provided in Egypt. It's no surprise so many choose to return to slavery...in many ways it's an easier life.

What do you think?

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