Words We Speak


Hello Friends, many of you remember Tommy Krall, he's doing well, serving God, and loving others down in the great state of Florida. This morning he sent me this and I just loved it, so I asked him if I could share. Post any thoughts or questions in the comments, and keep reading! God Bless.


Proverbs 10:19-21

(Words we speak)

The things we say and the things we pray will either bless or harm others!

19. Too much talking will lead us to sin.

Gossip is sin and it demonstrates our hearts condition by what pours fourth out of our hearts by our choice of words.

Gossip is saying behind one’s back what we wouldn’t say to their face.

Flattery is saying something to one’s face what we wouldn’t say behind their back.

Both of these paths are choices and both lead to the same place.

20.-Words of the godly are like sterling silver.

When we choose to encourage others from a place of love, kindness and consideration with words that edify.
We choose life for that person.

Discouraging words can literally derail a persons life and cause a multitude of problems.

I have found that people who are discouraging to others, are themselves wounded, hurt and living in a regressive state they don’t like.

Usually because someone else spoke negatively about them first.

Spending time with that person and listening to their choice of words will reveal their heart’s condition.

Taking the time to listen to others and actually hearing what they say will create a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate the very Characteristics of Christ, and show them what real godly love looks like by understanding them and then praying with them.

Ask Christ to reveal what the solution is while you search the scriptures.

Confirmation will come when we look into The Bible for answers for how to pray accurately for that person.

This will also teach us how to pray His Word back to him while we intercede for others.
This is a very fruitful exercise of our faith.

These opportunities are all around us if we pause long enough to use both ears.

Listening and Hearing These are two completely different things.

Proverbs 18:13
Says, (it’s foolish for a person to answer a matter before they hear and process the entirety of what’s being said)

This calls for a constant exercise of our patience.

Patience has nothing to do with waiting.
It’s how we act while we wait!

Precisely the difference between Listening and Hearing.

21.The words of the godly encourage many.

Christian people are in a constant battle for the health and well being of their souls.
This battle is won on a daily basis by being humble and a student of The Word.

Knowing Gods Word is vital . It is key to our choice of words we speak.

Words are powerful

Look at how
The Bible has changed you!

Be a doer of The Word by being kind, patient and considerate of others literally shows others you are a true believer and a member of the household of faith.

Ministry is listening to God first and then using skillful application in the mission field in which you stand. Where you stand is the very place God wants you to shine for Him.

Tommy Krall
In Gods Grip of Grace.

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