• G.R.O.U.P

    They seem to help in our small groups :)



    Remember, God deals with each of us with loving favor, even when he disagrees with our actions or our points of view.



    Treat others the way Jesus did, with Love and respect.


    Decide ahead of time that we will talk and deal with things that you may find offensive. Others will be presenting opinions and interpretations that are contrary to your own. When this happens you can respectfully disagree and present your own perspective(s) without belittling or attacking any individuals.


    We will be united in our attempt to look at various points of view when it comes to bible topics, this does not mean we will come to full agreement or find “answers.” Rather, we will unite in a purpose to explore and respond to diverse topics without being divisive.


    We will make every attempt to live, act and speak in a peaceful manner. It’s okay to disagree, it’s okay to be passionate but please do so in a peaceful way.